I had to do something today that I was not entirely proud of, but at the same time am glad that I did. I, ladies and Ladies, had to shut a mother DOWN.

I was at the grocery procuring foods, from which I would make a healthy arrangement of food for one of my roommates and myself when I encountered my obstacle.

Here I am, waiting in a line that sees one person checking out and one person ahead of me. As I wait in this queue, I decide to take the liberty to change the song playing from my phone (yes I’m wearing head phones…I know you’re concerned) when the woman in front of me decides for whatever reason that she must leave. At this same moment, the person ahead of her/checking out finishes and leaves, and a mom with what looks like an 11 or 12 year old son SWOOPS in front of me as I’m moving forward to try and check out. My reaction is in the following dialogue:

Me: Excuse me, I was in line.
Mother: You weren’t paying attention.
Me: Yes I was that woman just left.
Mother: Well, do you want to go before me.
Me: As a matter of fact I would.

*I move around her and proceed to check out*

Mother: You should really pay attention.
Me: There’s no need to be rude, I was waiting in line like everyone else. If you were in a rush you could have asked.
Mother: You were on your phone!
Me: Which I have every right to be.
Mother: **Scoffs** Yea?!
Me: WHY DONT YOU teach your son some manners, huh? Be the example.
Mother: **SPEECHLESS**
Boom. That, my friends, is how you shut a mother down, respectfully. There was no need for her aggression, especially with her child present. Too many children these days are disrespectful and inconsiderate…and it’s no wonder if the example does not start at home. I coulda been like, “Listen bitch…” but it’s not worth it. Hit people where it really hurts, with courtesy and insight.


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